Featuring Anne Sunderwirth, Denver Artist

The following collection is for sale. Send the list of item(s) that you would like to purchase and your location for a price quote. You may arrange for delivery or pick-up for the artwork. All sizes are approximate. Click on a painting for a close-up. Paintings on this page are either framed or have wooden structures with canvas pulled over. Bulk purchases are encouraged. If you live in the Denver area, CONTACT ME for a private showing.


Girl with Meadow Lark
oil, 16"wx20"H

Island Fling

Island Fling
Oil, 18"Wx24"H

Melting Calf
oil, 11.5"wx15.5" H

This next set is linoleum cut with hand oil paint additions

Taos Pueblo

Old Havana

Brooklyn Bridge

Books and Chickens
watercolor, 12"wx16"H

Fox in the Hen House
oil, 17"wX23"H

watercolor, 17"x16"h

Girl from Panama
oil, large painting

Spanish Steps in Rome
Oil, framed

italy scene
mat, framed

Woman on Beach
Oil, 20"Hx16"W

By the Sea
Oil, 30"Wx24"H

Bonnie Scotland
Oil, 20"Hx16"W

Vanishing America

Yellow Car

To the Lighthouse
Oil, 24"Wx18"H

Sea Critters
oil, 20"Wx16"H

Blacksmith Shoppe
Oil, 15"Wx11.5"H

Dark Planet
Oil, 24"Wx18"H

City Scene
oil, 16"Wx20"H

North Speer Bridge
Oil, 10.5"Wx13.5"H

English Cloak Room
Oil, 15"Wx15.5"H

Still Life on a Platter
[Oil, 20"Wx16"H]

Still Reading

Blue Vase Twins

Poppies Gone Wild [Oil]

Sailboat in Sunset

Event Parking in Style [Oil]

Ancient Italy
[Oil, framed]

Girl at Piano [Silkscreen and Oil, 20"Wx18"H]

First Ave Construction
[Oil, framed]

Blaze [Oil, small canvas]

The Orient [Oil, small canvas]

Pillars [Oil, canvas]

Pretty Lady [Oil, 22"wX28"H]

A Young Man's Travels
[Oil, 12"Wx16"H]

Cowgirls do it Better [Oil; no frame]

Black Swan

Mermaid Daydreams

Headless Horseman's Halloween [Oil,]

Nude with Blue Hair
[Watercolor, 18"Wx22"H]

Torso (nude) in "Pygmalion"
[linoleum carving, 20"Wx25"H]

Irish Landscape
[Linoleum carving bas relief, 18"Wx23"H]

Mother Earth
[linen, 17"wx34"H]

[ linen, 17"wx34"H]

Roman Spring
[Oil, 26"W x 39"H]

Montview Presbyterian
[ Ink,Watercolor; 22W"x17"H]

Untitled man in Italy, Venice, USA, Asia

Florence, Italy
[ oil, 29"Wx25"H]

Victorian Lady
[watercolor; 41"Wx28"H]

St. Cajetan's Mission Church
[ 31"Wx27"H]

Flamenco Dancer
Oil, framed

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